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Health Omnibus Survey

Harrison Research undertakes an annual Health Omnibus Study. The survey, which is conducted face-to-face in respondents' homes, is undertaken on behalf of government and non-government organisations responsible for servicing the health needs of the community.

The objective of the Omnibus is to collect, analyse and interpret data that can be used to plan, implement and monitor health programs and other initiatives. The idea of an omnibus survey is that many organisations share the cost of conducting a survey, with each organisation paying only for those questions that are of direct relevance to their information requirements.

The Health Omnibus provides organisations in the health sector with an opportunity to generate social statistics indicating prevalence rates, program impacts and other important data at an affordable cost. A particular advantage of the Health Omnibus is that an extremely rigorous sampling procedure is adopted for the survey, generating statistical information of the highest quality, with approximately 3,000 interviews being completed. A non-replacement sample is used and one adult is interviewed in each household.

Potential subscribers to the Health Omnibus are invited to contact us for a Prospectus and further information.