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Health Research

Harrison Research Health Research Division provides a population research service to public health organisations. Over many years, Harrison Research has dealt with a range of health issues and built extensive expertise in study design, sample frames, data collection and management and analyses of data to an advanced level.

Most data collection uses computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) surveys, and sometimes focus groups and or in-depth interviewing. Quantitative research usually involves use of non-replacement samples, and aims to maximize response rates. Samples can be drawn using Electronic White Pages or by Random Digit Dialing and Primary Approach Letters to selected households are often used.

We have a solid track record of delivering quality data to numerous health organisations throughout Australia on a range of health outcome functions including:

  • Baseline prevalence or incidence estimates
  • Descriptive studies
  • Case control studies
  • Risk factor studies
  • Research funding submissions and
  • Tracking and monitoring health issues

Topics that have been addressed by the Harrison Research team include Public Health issues, Health Services studies, Morbidity studies, Self Harm issues, Infectious Disease studies, and Risk Factor studies. Details of the many and various projects we have completed are available upon request.