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Our Article Bank

Harrison Research has embarked upon the task of providing short regular articles covering different aspects of research. Our current 'Article Bank' covers different aspects of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. (An established company's ability to retain its customer base is in our minds a top priority).

Topics covered include:

  • Improving customer Retention - a model of what drives Loyalty
  • Implementing the Results - the importance of including internal implementation costs
  • Adding the Competitive Element-the necessity of benchmarking your performance results
  • The Nature of Loyalty - how Loyalty is constructed in different marketing environments
  • Linking Employee and Customer Satisfaction - happy staff helps create happy customers
  • Where the Bloody Hell are you, according to Bhote - where is your company in terms of measuring and implementing improvements
  • Marginal Resource Allocation - investing your money in things that count
  • The Roles of Customer Satisfaction Measurement-there are several
  • Measuring the Complaint Process - a separate process to measuring satisfaction
  • Have we got our Focus Right - is it more profitable to move the disaffected than to move the satisfied
  • The Nature of Employee Loyalty - I love my job, hate the company
  • Loyalty in Business markets - it's different

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We would like your suggestions as to what you would like to hear about. Let us know what your top three choices are from the list below:

  • Communication and Advertising Testing
  • Brand Equity and Brand Development
  • Brand Tracking
  • Market segmentation and Positioning
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Transactional Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategic Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Product/Service Feature Optimisation (HB Choice Modelling)
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Social Issues/Attitudes
  • Community consultation
  • Project Evaluation
  • Desk Research and secondary resource analysis